GoDaddy Review

Everyone knows GoDaddy for their wild and in your face TV commercials during Super Bowl. Always sporting a good amount of women and fun, some parents may not like the commercials, but overwhelmingly the public loves them!

The World’s Largest Domain Registrar

GoDaddy is THE largest domain registrar in the world and also one of the largest web hosting networks in existence. This means they have one of the largest customers bases in the industry. Due to this, their support and sales staff is huge! Some have accused of them of pushy sales and relentless upselling, which to some extent is true, but it’s also the reason they are #1 in terms of sales.

Lots of Support Staff

Support can be a mixed bag, with most support members being helpful and pleasant, however there are the occasional lackluster experiences in a company so large. Sometimes out of the hundreds of employees, things do happen.

Generally, GoDaddy’s hosting services are cheap, mostly reliable, and easy to use. Their control panel is simple and straight forward once you’ve activated your purchased hosting plan, and everything is manageable like it should be.

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